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On the server, there is the NPC that will allow you to Change your Race, Gender and Appearance.

To get to it, you can use the menu item into the Teleporter: NPC Change Race / Barber
In the main menu, you'll see two items:

1. Change Race - which will allow you to enter if you have 25 Frostik's (This is the price for a change of race)

2. Customize Character - which allows you to enter the presence of 25 Frostfan Symbol (The minimum price for the change of the parameters 1)
escription of work item Change Race:

1. You will see a change to any race that is available for your character class (regardless of the Horde or Alliance)
2. Before changing the race, you will need to get out of the guild.
3. If you change the race you are kicked the game, it is necessary for the proper adoption of the amendments.
Description of work item Customize Character:

1. Available to change the following parameters: Gender, Skin color, Face, Hair style, Hair color (Beard, Horn and others depending on the race)
2. Payment is taken for the change of each item on the menu.
3. Currency removed at the time of clicking on a menu item (for example skin color). That is, if you press the button, and decided not to change something - the currency will still comes off.

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