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1) The price for the imposition of the transmogrification: 1000 AP + 3000 Honor points + 1 Transmogrification item (It can be bought from Exchange NPC for 1600 Arena rating + 5 Frostik`s). The price is for the entire set. You will have to pay that price when each new transmogrification. Removal the transmogrification - free.
2) The transmogrification only happens the whole set. If the set consists of 8 parts, the character must be worn all these 8 parts. If one of the required parts will be absent on the character, the NPC will inform you about this.
3) The currency will not be returned under any circumstances.
4) After you changed the look of your items, you can remove or put on them in any quantity. The integrity of your things will change.
5) Immediately after the transmogrification your character will be kicked - this is necessary for correct operation of the changes.

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